how to install wordpress in local server

Every day, there are many website create on wordpress platform. but it is a too difficult to manage online.
Many of users tired to manage it on online wordpress server

Here we are found  a latest wordpress local server software. there are many software or tricks to install wordpress platform in local server, but we are found theme latest,easy,and free software its made by BITNAMI Labs.

download local server software/application for free Download Now

Its easy to use just follow some steps :

1.Download the bitnami wordpress software
2. Install Xampp server in your Computer.(don't forget start control panel)
3. After Install the bitnami application in folder "XAMPP"
4..Just follow the instruction and type the User name or password click to finish. your browser and type "localhost/wordpress" 
6.Now click to "Access" 
7.Enjoy the wordpress in your local server