Why Sky Is Blue? and Mars is Red

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Why Sky Is Blue?

The light arriving from the sun, is made a lot of colors, every and each of which has a different wave length. The environment affects how every color of light passes way, as the lighting waves encounter elements, small water droplets and parts of dust.Blue light has a short wave length, and the particles in the air spread it around, generating the sky appears blue. Red light has a longer wave length, which behaves more strongly 
and is not spread as much. Sunsets are red because in the evening, the light has additionaly environment to pass through to get to your eye, and only the powerful red light can build it. The environment in this illustration is exaggerated in regards to the Earth to show the distinction.

Why Mars sky Is Red -Webxxpert

Why Mars sky Is Red?

The Images sent  from the Viking Mars landers in sun 1977 and from Pathfinder in 1997 showed a red sky seen from the Martian surface. This was due to red iron and rich dusts thrown up in the dust storms occurring from time to time on Mars. The color of the Mars sky will change according to weather conditions. It should be blue when there have been no recent storms, but it will be darker than the earth's daytime sky because of Mars' thinner atmosphere.