The Modi-led BJP Vithalbhai Re-enter after 23 year

narendra modi vs vithal radadiya

                     23 years ago kesubhai Patel led lokasakti car went in 1989, the BJP into a receiver leua Patel, Vitthal radadiya 16 years ago, the BJP 'khajuriya Holocausts' the power to revolt by BJP split padavavamam was a leader of one and a half decades after the BJP again a part of the chain of Rajkot District, Saurashtra politics This issue has generated a heated debate.Congress son - wife congressional tickets, jipam Recipients will now dharyum presidential BJP?Thank you. Vallabhbhai kathiriya, the current minister Govindbhai Patel, former minister jasubena korata, former MP haribhai leua Patel Patel and BJP leaders vehemently society Vitthal radadiya their election defeat for two decades now, with the leaders of BJP leader leua Patel conference held shortly will saktipradarsana.
                  However, the 1990, 1995, BJP, rajapani in 1998, 2002, 2007 and 2012 congressional elections, the Congress won on the ticket of the BJP, the Congress, political sources in the know of the 'power' only singles - dokala constituency is limited enough.
                  Rajkot Lok Sabha seat radadiyae win Vitthal tried to break his record against the BJP had a majority in the more than 3 million. Vitthal radadiyae Rajkot - East seat Dharar Congress and the BJP won in 2007 for his son Govind Patel Jayesh radadiyano Kaaram against defeat, and is now the Congress won the seat. Rajkot District Panchayat as a member of his wife and several senior Congress cuntavya then keep them on hand, and the district panchayat presidency besadaya radadiya sata bhogavata like the president himself. Radadiya the next election could not bring himself to Congress on sata. The Congress loss only Jetpur, Dhoraji constituency is to be believed.
Konphidansathi, vatathi arbitrary decisions radadiya still two months before the famous Vitthal Patel BJP candidate virrdhdha leua promoting Dhoraji - Upleta meeting to vote on the 76189 (73246 BJP) MLA from minor lidathi became narrow. This meeting will now give the BJP and it is believed that there are easily BJP RC Jitadi phadadu that someone else will be able to open the door for them in the Legislature. However, this meeting is now merged with Upleta when the BJP - the stronghold of the Congress, not both.
                     Try to win the election, despite overall caravara and recently also in Rajkot Rajkot (reserve) constituency candidate like himself, although he also won mukavyani discussion before the Congress for the one - two seats considered safe, it is no longer considered.
Jetpur and Porbandar Lok Sabha seat from now radadiyae son to ask yourself when Jetpur BJP ticket for the family for decades, the aggrieved party must be devoted to the discussion.
Overall, I do not receive a ticket for it, who resigned from Congress movadioni the lokasabhamanthi however, open to the Leader of the Opposition in the state demanding radadiyani stubbornness also the question of whether the BJP would remain intact.
Creating the first independent committee, the BJP rajapamam then, the Congress and the BJP again now for the Vitthal radadiya also discussed that saliyanum (including the District of bank institutions) to maintain safe rajapatha (Dhoraji Assembly term), but finally gave in to see what lasts a.